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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Priorities have this incredible way of suddenly shifting.

Yesterday was a work day for Betty, my dear wife.  She works at Grand View Hospital on the 3-11 PM shift.  (No, she isn’t a nurse.)  I work the day shift.  On her work days, if we can manage, I like to take her dinner.  Last night dinner was pizza from our favorite pizza joint, Roc and Ray’s in Sellersville.  They make great pizza.  I also got a pie for two of her co-workers, half plain and half anchovies.  I don’t understand why anybody would want to ruin perfectly good pizza by putting little fish on it, but hey, I didn’t have to eat it.  Anyway, we had our pizza and I took the leftovers home.

I had a few things to do at home, but I decided to put them off for the time being.  I put away the pizza and decided to let the dishes and things go while I indulged myself in a little guilty pleasure.  I had just bought the first two Harry Potter movies.  They were on sale for $9.99 each.

I was about halfway into the first movie when the phone rang.  It was the Emergency Room at Betty’s hospital.  They told me she was all right but I had to come take her home.

Okay, that was when I sat on the panic button.  One of the things I learned from Betty was that when the ER calls a relative they never say how serious the problem is.  This is so that the relative doesn’t panic and kill themselves driving like a maniac to the hospital.  Knowing this little factoid caused me to panic.  I didn’t drive like a maniac, but I had about a thousand grim scenarios run through my mind as I drove to the ER.  I still don’t exactly remember driving there.  I think the car knew the way.

I was relieved and thankful when I walked into the ER waiting room and found Betty waiting for me.  She was smiling kind of sheepishly, and told me that nothing was injured too badly except her pride.  She had fallen getting off the elevator, just after she had left me from dinner.  She hit her head and the nurses did not want to take any chances, so they put her in a wheelchair and took her to the ER.  The docs looked her over and verified that all she suffered was a nasty bruise, but they wanted to be sure.  They thought she was acting peculiarly after she fell.  Apparently she was cracking jokes after she fell.  I told the folks in the ER that this was normal behavior for Betty.

Anyway, I took her home and put her to bed.  She woke up this morning a bit stiff and sore but mostly all right.  I told her to take it easy and stay off her feet.  Hopefully she listens.

I never did see the end of Harry Potter, but somehow I don’t think it’s all that important right now.


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