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Tuesday, August 31, 2004
  George W. Bush Sent My Job To India
I'm pissed off.
I just had a surgery to correct a problem resulting from my colon cancer surgery. No, it wasn't cancer. The site of my former rectum was not healing properly so I had to get some skin removed. It's healing properly now. So what happens when I come back from a week of recuperation? I find out that my job is going down the tubes.
I'm a software QA engineer. I spent a lot of years going to night school while working full time to get to this level, and a lot of years getting additional professional skills in order to maintain it. So I don't really appreciate it when I am considered to be just another commodity that can be easily replaced by an entry-level programmer in Bangalore.
I'm not an idealogical Democrat or Republican. I don't really like the idea of one-stop shopping for politics. I generally study the issues and vote for the candidate who best represents my personal ideas.
So here is my current position.
That's why I'm pissed off. And that's why I'm voting Democrat.

It's STILL the economy, stupid!
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