Confessions of a Rocket Scientist
Tuesday, August 23, 2005

I had a toothache over the weekend. One really big honkin' toothache.
A toothache that hurt so bad I felt like my head would explode, and
if it did at least the pain would be over.
It was so bad I was thinking of ways to pull it out by myself. I
wondered if dynamite might work. I thought about opening up one of my
rocket motors and using the black powder to blast the tooth.
When you hurt that bad you don't think straight. All of these ideas
made perfect sense to me.
I lived through the night and managed to pull myself together
sufficiently to call a dentist. One couldn't see me until tomorrow.
Another one could see me right away if I could get over to his office.
That's where I went.
The dentist's name is Dr. Hans Liou. He was pretty intelligent, asked
me a few questions, checked the x-ray his technician had taken, and
dived right in to give me a root canal. He managed to give me a shot
to numb the area. Once it was numb I felt better than I had in days.
The root canal took less than an hour. I didn't feel any pain during
the procedure, and there is suprisingly little pain today. I'll be
getting the second phase of the treatment next week and will be
preparing for the eventual crown. RIght now I'm just glad it stopped

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